Aluminum circuit boards from specialized production

The ETS Group has expanded its partner pool due to the strong demand for aluminum printed circuit boards. A manufacturing partner who is a specialist instead of a PCB all-rounder has recently been on board. We are now offering 2-layer aluminum circuit boards with FR4 structure from a first-class production.

The through-hole plating of the metal core poses a challenge in production. This is electrically conductive and the through-hole plating must be isolated from the core. Our partner masters this process reliably.

With the increasing importance of power LEDs in lighting technology, the use of circuit boards with optimal heat dissipation is increasing. Often, components such as diodes, transistors or resistors also generate high temperatures on the surfaces, which should be dissipated quickly. In these cases, the use of aluminum circuit boards is recommended.

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With success into the future

We congratulate Niklas Scharrenberg on successfully completing his apprenticeship as an office manager. Niklas got to know ETS from scratch during his apprenticeship years and contributed with a lot of vigor and an eye for the essentials. We are proud of his grade 2!

Now it's time to pack his rucksack and conquer the world! We wish Niklas a lot of fun, joy and happiness on his travels and look forward to his return.

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